Work Smarter with Infrared360™ Collaborative Management, Monitoring, and Testing Managing and Monitoring Enterprise Messaging Environments has been problematic for years. The primary reason is that all the available solutions tackle problems the same way and it's difficult to differentiate one solution from another. The basic premise of other product is: a threshold is exceeded, a console indicates a problem, a pager alert is sent to a support person. That's fine, but a product with that simple concept can cost customers ... $MILLIONS?!  The founders of Avada Software noticed the same problem with these solutions that you do. Paying big money for products that just focus on notifying you of a simple event doesn't help the most important steps in the process which are: ISOLATING and CORRECTING the problem ... quickly! Did you know that 2/3 of employees believe there are colleagues who can help them with their work, but don't know how to find them?  Suppose it is an urgent issue, or they need to leverage a colleague’s expertise or collaborate with them quickly in order to analyze and correct a problem? In fact, the average employee wastes five (5) hours per week trying to find answers or people who can help them![2]  That fact was the genesis of Infrared360; to quickly isolate and navigate to the object causing the problem while securely collaborating online with other team members or even business partners to understand, settle, and correct the problem.  Why was that process strewn with roadblocks before? Because a solution providing SECURE COLLABORATION was not available. With Infrared360 it is available, today! SECURE COLLABORATION is a unique innovation of Avada Software. It allows users to share visibility to portions of the environment while still limiting actions within those visible portions.  Avada Software's technology is based upon the idea of 'speed to resolution' and collaboration. The goal is business agility. Speed to resolution is accomplished via simple or complex rules that are put in place to identify a problem or issue. When that circumstance occurs, it presents to the user the exact object or objects in question, initiates any number of services to correct the issue, and notifies (from 3rd party consoles to twitter) the specific person(s) responsible for that issue. Now collaboration comes in - Team members associated with the project, problem, or post-analysis can now collaborate on the problem or issue within a virtual environment specific to that team, while the other business lines go on as normal. Infrared360 provides a wealth of real-time and auditing reports, enabling the team to keep watch of an ongoing symptomatic problem OR verify its resolution. Delivering outstanding service  for more than 25 years csiSERVE is Avada Software’s Canadian Country Manager. © 2008 AVADA Software, LLC. All Rights Reserved.