csiSERVE specializes in assisting organizations increase their sales and enhance/improve their marketing methods. We help organizations grow their bottom line by helping them maximize on their sales opportunities & marketing investment. Year by year, markets and supporting technology change, pressure increases and organizations sometimes fail to reach their targets.  csiSERVE can help you get back on track to reach your goals. Organizations sometimes fail to reach the sales success available to them, often because they don’t have  .........                access to the expertise to analyze their: Past & present marketing method performance. (Is the sales group getting all the leads they should? Where & how do they get leads? Are they the right leads? Are the leads managed to produce results?) Sales support systems, methodologies and efficiency (Can the sales group be better supported for more and quicker sales?) Sales model (Can more sales be achieved by adding to or changing the present model? i.e. outside and/or inside direct, channel, business partners, strategic alliances, etc.) Present market focus & new market opportunities (Is this still the right market? Are there other additional markets available?) Sales staff for potential improvement through recruitment of additional/new superior sales staff and/or refocusing of present staff through training. csiSERVE provides these services to those organizations that are looking to achieve more by better understanding and improving their sales organization. csiSERVE can analyze any or all of an organization’s sales processes and people, and provide detailed specific recommendations for improving performance and increasing sales revenues.  All services are selectively tailored to each client's needs. Delivering outstanding service  for more than 25 years Copyright 2008, Compumac Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved.