Stress management in the workplace and at the personal level requires more than a few helpful tips. Changing economic times have people and organizations pulled in multiple directions. The pressures and demands between work and personal life have become blurred with the result that the very real consequences of stress in the workplace come from what is happening to each of us both on and off the job. StressWinnerTM is a stress wellness training, publishing and innovation organization established to help people and organizations healthily manage their stress.  Since 1997 StressWinnerTM books, training programs and tools have been helping both organizations and individuals succeed in reducing the impact of stress, anxieStressWinnerTMStressWinner delivers a comprehensive range of organizational and individual development capabilities to clients.  Stress in the workplace costs organizations as much or more than $2,600 per year per employee and those costs are increasing year by year.  StressWinnerTM training benefits: Delivering outstanding service  for more than 25 years TM STRESSWINNER MANNAGEMENT TRAINING BENEFITS TO THE ORGANIZATION Reduce annual losses due to the impact of stress and anxiety related absenteeism (cited more often for absenteeism than physical illnesses) impact of up to $2,600/employee Reduce employee turnover Reduced negative organizational stress Increase corporate competitiveness Increased individual productivity and responsibility Better team communications and morale Retention of valued employees Improved customer satisfaction STRESSWINNER MANAGEMENT TRAINING BENEFITS TO THE INDIVIDUAL Reduced personal stress – when you are less stressed, you enjoy life more Better overall health – excessive stress really can lead to poorer health Improved decision making Increased productivity Connecting better and healthier to family & friends Better daily balance & happiness Better new employee preparation for the workplace Copyright 2008, Compumac Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved.