Managing and Monitoring Enterprise Messaging Environments has been problematic for years. The primary reason is that all but one of the available solutions tackle problems the same way. Infrared360 moves beyond competitors’ focus of  simply notifying you of a simple event.  Infrared360 goes beyond this to helping you ISOLATE and CORRECT the problem ... quickly! The connection between Stress and our Health and Happiness, and the fact that ultimately we are all responsible for the mood we are in. StressWinner training provides simple, practical information in a positive and 1-day program helping participants to understand and control stress and anxiety. It helps people of all ages and in a wide range of situations and jobs. HR Staffing & Contracting In addition to functional expertise, CMSI has in-depth experience with a wide variety of deal structures including Outsourcing and Shared Services. CMSI's experience in evaluating, implementing and managing relationships results in clearly defined objectives and outcomes for our clients. csiSERVE has specialized in assisting organizations to increase their sales and enhance/improve their marketing methods. csiSERVE helps organizations grow their bottom line by helping them maximize on their sales opportunities & marketing investment. Year by year, as markets and supporting technology change, pressure increases.  However, organizations sometimes fail to reach their targets.  csiSERVE can help you reach your targets. csiSERVE managed services deliver customer peace of mind with proactive system support 24/7.  We provide a single point of contact for all system & network issues instead of multiple vendors.  We provide contracted SLA's for service delivery and known forecastable costs for management including fixed price contracts.  csiSERVE provides superior service and delivers cost-savings & affordability. Delivering outstanding service  for more than 25 years Sales & Marketing Outsourcing In the constant competitive acceleration of business the internet is a key mainstream communication and marketing tool. It is absolutely necessary to maximize on the power of this important resource. csiSERVE can help your website bring leads to your business, serve your current clients & keep you at the top of their contact list, and help your employees increase productivity, improve performance and contribute to the growth of the company. Web Site Design & Hosting Managed Services Copyright 2008, Compumac Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved.